SOLD To South Dakota!!
FF Hanks Silver Bar
Sorrel Filly
Born April 2, 2006

Hanks Gold Dee Bar by Shiloh Sonny

Jackie Do Bar by Sonny Silver Lad

Sasha is one tall filly! She has long legs, a big hip, and a nice head and
neck. She is going to be a big girl! She currently stands 14.2 hands at
her hip at 11 months old. She's not just big, she has good conformation
too. She is athletic and has a long stride already! She floats across the
pasture when she runs. Sasha is a great all around prospect! Train her
for barrels, use her for roping, or whatever you choose! She can do it!
Halter broke, leads, ties and picks up all four hooves.

Picture taken March 4, 2007
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SOLD To South Dakota!!
FF Sonnys Bartender
Bay Filly
Born April 25, 2006

Harlanders Sonny by Shiloh Sonny

Watch Red Smudge by Watch Joe Bartender

Zoey is a flashy filly with good conformation and a lot of athletic ability.
She has a nice head and neck, a short back and good solid legs. The
pictures do her no justice! Better, newer ones will be coming. She is
bred and built to be a great performance prospect! Don't pass this one
up, she's going to be a riding machine and later one will produce some
really nice babies! Two Eyed Red Buck, Two Id Bartender, Red
Sonny Dee and Harlander on her papers! Halter broke, leads, loads,
ties and picks up her hooves.

Picture taken February 25, 2007
SOLD to North Carolina!
Boom Town Freckles
Grullo Colt
Born April 29, 2006

Sire: Blondys Nutcracker by Boom Town Dude

Kawligas Freckles by Gay Bar Freckles

Check this guy out! He is long legged, short backed and well built. On
top of that he is grullo and a grandson of Boom Town Dude! Cash
loves people and he loves to please. This guy is the total package.
Moves out great and is fast! He is halter broke, leads, loads, ties,
picks up all four hooves and loves to go for walks. You won't find one
with a better disposition than Cash!  He's full of dirt in the pic. New
pictures coming soon!.

Picture taken May 13, 2007.
SOLD to North Dakota!!
FF Haidas San Peppy
Bay Colt
Born May 8, 2006

Sire: RN Dusty Peppy Pine by CT Mr San Peppy

Haidas Anasazi by Haidas San Badger

Cowboy is bred and built to be your next cowhorse! You can't beat
the bloodlines this boy carries. Peppy San Badger, Haidas San
Badger, Colonel Excitement and Mr San Peppy ON his papers! He'll
be a cow machine! Cowboy has it all: bloodlines, build, and a
personality like no other. He could be your next stallion prospect and
he will ride! Halter broke, leads, ties, picks up all four hooves and
loves people. Picture does him no justice, must see in person!

Picture taken January 25, 2007
SOLD to South Dakota!!
FF Shi Leo Harlander
Buckskin Filly
Born May 26, 2006

Sire: Shi Leo Raider by Shi Autumn McCue

A Harley for Shiloh by Shiloh Sonny

Good looking, well put together filly! Gabby is getting bigger and better
everyday with a ton of muscle and a lot of eye appeal. She is built like
a bulldog and has a very nice little head. She is a really flashy filly and
has quite the presence to her when she moves. Once again Harley
produced an oustanding foal!  Halter broke, leads, ties, and picks up
all four hooves.

Picture taken May 1, 2007
SOLD To South Dakota!!
FF Tip DeeBar a Buck
Bay Filly
Born June 23, 2006

Sire: Dusty Sonny Buck by Sonnys Dusty Buck

Parkers Tippy Bars by I'ma Tippy Too

Sierra is great looking filly with a bulldog build. She has a big wide butt
and the cutest little head you'll find. She has a great disposition and
loves people.  Her dam is a great riding horse and Sierra should be as
well. Halter broke, leads, ties, picks up all four hooves and is easy to
train. She is a light bay and is really cute and flashy. Show her in halter
now and break her when she's old enough! You will like her!

Picture taken January 30, 2007