SOLD To Florida!
Palomino Colt
Born 04-14-09

Sire: Hanks Gold Dee Bar by Shiloh Sonny
Dam: Watch Red Smudge by Watch Joe Bartender

Big boned, well built colt! Nice conformation, smooth mover and
really stops fast!. Nice head and neck, short back and a nice big hip
already. Should make a great riding horse and is a good performance
prospect! Don't pass him up if you're looking for your next roping
prospect. Flashy with a star, strip and snip and one hind sock.
Picture taken May 30th.
FF Rhinestone Rosie
Sorrel Filly
Born 04-25-09

Sire: Harlanders Sonny by Shiloh Sonny
Dam: Roxy Kid by Baron Lucky Jack

Cute filly with good conformation. Rosie is muscular and is going to
grow up to be a massive mare, just like her dam. She has a good
disposition and really likes attention. Seems to be pretty laid back and
easy going. Show her in halter now and ride her later! Bred and built to
be your next prospect!
Picture taken December 1st.
SOLD To North Carolina!
FF Hanks Golden Lad
Palomino Colt
Born 04-30-09

Sire: Hanks Gold Dee Bar by Shiloh Sonny
Dam: Jackie Do Bar by Sonny Silver Lad

Good looking palomino colt. Another nice Cassie baby! Only white is a
little star on his forehead. Long legged and cute! Cassie always
produces athletic, flashy foals and this one is no exception! Jhett is going
to look a lot like his sire.
Picture taken June 16, 2011
SOLD To Iowa!
FF Cash Pine Supreme
Buckskin Colt
Born 05-04-09

Sire: Cash Pine Drifter by Nu Cash Drifter
Dam: Piney Vince by Vince Supreme

Long legged, great looking buckskin colt! Not an ounce of white and
he's really dark, but will shed of more gold next spring. Very inquisitive
and friendly. Loves attention and comes right up to people. Bentley is
going to be a looker and should make a nice all around prospect.
Lacy's previous foals have been nice show horses and he should be too!
Picture taken November 27th..
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SOLD To North Carolina!
Bay Colt
Born 06-07-09

Sire: Two Eyed Cowhand by Two Eyed Red Buck
Dam: A Harley for Shiloh by Shiloh Sonny

Gavin is long legged, big hipped and has a really cute head with
experessive eyes. He's very athletic, fast and will make a great riding
horse. Gavin is by a son of Two Eyed Red Buck! He's bred and built
to be your next performance prospect! He's friendly, likes attention
and should be easy to train. You won't want to miss out on this colt!
Picture taken September 12th.
Sorrel Filly

Sire: Hanks Gold Dee Bar by Shiloh Sonny
Dam: Haidas Anasazi by Haidas San Badger

Super cute filly! Sammy is really well built and she's quick and catty.
She can really get down and move and shows a lot of natural athletic
talent. Sammy is outgoing and loves attention. She has the breeding
and build to go in any direction you want. Not a bad thing to say about
this girl, she's got it all.
Picture taken September 12, 2009.
SOLD To North Carolina!
Chestnut Colt

Sire: Boomtown Freckles by Blondies Nutcracker
Dam: Shilohs Chelsae by Shiloh Sonny

Really flashy, well built colt. Granger is well put together and really stands
out with white on all four legs and a strip and snip. Should mature to be a
big, good looking horse and is bred to ride.