Picture taken June 17, 2005
Raven's past foals
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FF Leo Bars Honey
FF Moons Lady Fuller
FF Hanks New Moon
Top Moon
Moon String
Seven Bars
Flamingo Bar
Blue Dice
The Continental
Brother Can
Nancy Cox
Win or Lose
Gill Win or Lose
Bessie Gill
Mesabi Moon
Candy Can Win
Pws Charismatic Moon
Sire side of
Dam side of
Sonny Dee Bar
Red Sonny Dee
Toledo Kristy
Hickory Jr
Hickory Leo Lady
Pony Leona
Little Sue III
Go Sonny Go
Sonny's Honey
Bab's Lady
Shiloh Sonny
Harlanders Buckie
A Harley for Shiloh